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Horizons of TBI Recovery is a true story of the worst kind of injury—brain trauma—followed by full recovery. On the surface this book may read like a medical case study. Below the surface lives an uncommon love story. Deeper still is a story of faith in God, diligent hard work, and prayer with promised recovery. The author’s wife was a victim of a car-versus-pedestrian crime that left her with severe traumatic brain injury. In this book, the author tells how Martha received emergency surgery and her battle to recover the person she was. He describes his introduction into the worlds of brain trauma, therapies, and care giving. Henstock opens his correspondence to family and friends while Martha struggled with broken bones and painful therapies. He shares written records, hospital images, police investigations, and his pursuit of elusive justice. The author describes Martha before and after the injury; the recovery teamwork they invented; and explains three other horizons of TBI recovery.

Neurosurgeons removed a large part of her skull to evacuate huge blood clots so Martha could pass the first horizon--life. This first horizon gives a heightened joy at coming back. In this book, readers will find the new Martha, returning to a full life.

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