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In 2007, Tom ended fifty years of teaching. As a professor and consultant, data analysis buttressed all of his work. He calls himself a "bean counter" or data analyst. Those who know his work say he “makes numbers talk." On May 5th, 2007, as they stepped from the curb into the crosswalk, Tom and his wife Martha's lives were changed forever. Sudden impact by a car and the pavement left Martha with severe traumatic brain injury. Through his expository writing style, Tom brings to life for the reader—his experience as Martha’s sole caregiver, and an understanding of their mutual struggle to full recovery from traumatic brain injury.



Though pain remained unchecked, Martha never missed a therapy session. She did what only she could do—work out every frozen muscle weakness. After therapy, Martha began reading instead of going to bed. She rose from the wheelchair and began walking. Her short slow steps increased, and in four months she walked three miles a day. After formal therapy, walking and reading remain her primary therapies. Now she reads for learning and pleasure--over 300 books. She and Tom walked over 4,000 miles. Reading is for the brain; walking for the body. While reading her book she thanks God that she now lives to tell her story.