Horizons of TBI Recovery

Thomas Henstock





Severe traumatic brain injury kills fifty thousand people every year in the United States. But there are few who emerge triumphant in the battle between life and death. Recovering from traumatic brain injury is bypassing the horizon of death, and receiving another chance at life.

In Horizons of TBI Recovery, author Thomas Henstock shares a winning story of his wife who, twelve hours after severe traumatic brain injury, looks back at death and wakes up alive.


Quotes from the medical profession at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, WA:

“Gentlemen, this woman’s recovery is remarkable.”
M. Nathan Nair, MD, Chief Resident, hemicraniectomy neurosurgeon,
May 10, 2007.

“You have progressed remarkably.”
Mahesh Karandikar, MD,Resident cranioplasty neurosurgeon,
August 22, 2007.

“You are doing fantastic in your recovery.”
Peter C. Esselman, MD, Chief, Department of Rehabilitation,
December 13, 2007.

“Your recovery is spectacular.”
Marcelo D. Vilela, MD, Chief, Neurosurgery, January 7, 2008.


“You’re back!”
Dr. Tim McCord, DPM, Everett, Washington, private practice, 2009.